Go Crazy! (With kitchen utensils)

Feel free to pelt me with whatever you have to hand. I know I’ve been a bad blog author, with not updating SINCE DECEMBER during the chaos that was Storm Desmond. Bludgeon my body with your staplers, coffee mugs and bric-a-brac. Go ahead.

Saying that I forgot I owned a blog sounds really bad now that I think about it, but that really is what happened. Sort of. “Life” is my second excuse, but then again, who doesn’t have a veritable shite-storm for a life.

If they don’t, they’re a lying liar who lies.

There were so many opportunities for me to update, and trust me, I really wanted to- but I just couldn’t physically sit and write something. That sounds like a really pathetic excuse, but honestly, that’s how it felt. Let me fill you in on the many attempts I made for updates since December:



For one of my courses at Uni, we’re given an Independent Study Week. This is mainly used for recuperation and to whack out your essays that should have been written weeks ago (an issue that I don’t seem to have). My only problem is that my other two subjects don’t do this, so I still have to attend lectures at odd times, rather than getting a well deserved rest. This time however, the week before Independent study Week was to begin, I began to feel ill. I didn’t have any medication on hand, so took the bus into town and generally felt even worse, because I started with a fever, and it was February and cold and for some reason I was sweating a veritable river under my coat. One painfully awkward return journey later; on which my delirious self nearly squashed a fellow student and his Sainsbury’s bags, and casually roasted in my coat, I had some disgusting menthol medication and marshmallows. The latter sounds really out-of-place, but the gelatine in the marshmallows helps to soothe sore throats.

I then went on to write an essay while even more delirious, and spent my Independent Study Week at home feeling absolutely crummy. So I did get a week off. Sort of. I also still received a good grade for the most pointless Psychology essay going.

While at home, I managed to get some leisurely reading done. This is something I don’t always feel like doing, and it is the only downside of Majoring in English Literature. You do so much reading that you don’t feel like reading for yourself. Anyway, I managed to ease my way through “Pride and Prejudice” for the first time since I was thirteen. That was around Valentine’s Day, so I was going to do a nice pessimistic reading of the relationships in the book as a belated update. This of course never got written, but I did find a rather pretty cover image:

I love you, most ardently

See? Isn’t that nice?



We mainly have ten week terms, so with the exception of the Independent Study Week(s), there are no breaks. This means that our half-terms are insanely long and really appreciated. I had a month off to do as I wished, which mainly meant worrying about the last Literature essay I’d submitted before going home for the break, and a little bit more recreational reading.

Believe it or not, I had never read the Harry Potter series of books up until about three weeks ago. I was always more interested in the films. Now however, I think I appreciate the originality of the books which got a whole generation reading, and the limitations of what films can do, because there is an awful lot missing. I suppose it’s give and take what you can fit into two and a bit hours of footage, and sacrifices must be made.

So while I was stuffed full of chocolate and magic, I also spent time with some of my family that I don’t always get to see. My Aunt and I took my cousin to walk The Stick Man trail at Delamere Forest, which, although fairly short, was enjoyable. She doesn’t follow this blog, so I can get away with uploading a sneakily took photo:

Stick Man



April meant acknowledging that I should be getting ready for the journey back to my university accommodation, and for the long hard slog ahead of me… Exam Season. In addition to this, I had to pick modules for when(/if?) I get into Part II Study. Hopefully, I should have three modules on Renaissance, British Romantic and Victorian Literature waiting for me in October.

It’s really driving home now that I do have a lot of preparation to do (which I had started over my break, luckily); preparation that I know next year to get ahead on, because it will come back to bite you in the long haul if you don’t- and generally, it make’s life easier if it’s done prior to exams.

Exam season and having to shift back into uncomfortable University accommodation (all I’m asking for is a proper chair to sit in, please, my lower back aches), has made me irritable. I won’t visibly show it, but be aware that it is simmering underneath. I’m irritated that after five years of doing silly exams that don’t display my potential and force me to panic-write, I’m required to do another three years of them. I mean, really?!

To show how my not-irritated outside looks on the inside, I created this GIF:

Stork Butter GIF.gif

Please be careful and responsible with kitchen utensils. Please. I’d never intentionally cause harm with a whisk, but if my irritation is pushed…

Hopefully now though you can understand that although I’m deserving of a slap on the wrist for near deserting this blog for five months, I have had things going on to prepare for. My exams finish in mid-June, so any time after the end of that month I’ll be free to update again. For now I’ve got to focus and study study study.

There are things in the works for the rest of this year and those to follow. I’ve got projects starting out on paper that even I can’t possibly begin to comprehend the scale of, which should be fun to track if I ever get round to starting them off from the sketchbook stage. I was also able to obtain tickets for a local MCM Comic Con this Summer, so a couple of friends and I will be attending. I really hope that you’ll all still be reading this blog then, and it’s wonderful that you do now; whether you follow it, or if you’ve stumbled across it totally by accident.

Until my next update, I’m going to leave you with this little nugget of K-Pop gold, just to round-up the generally theme of insanity!

Just click on the link HERE and it should lead you to 2PM’s “Go Crazy!”.





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