Welcome to 2017. Unfortunately, you’re late.

Why is it that I’m always behind on my blog posts? Oh, because I’m a procrastinating black-belt and forgot I had a WordPress blog again.

That is not, however, an excuse for my behaviour; having been absent from blogging for… wow, nearly six months again. Really, it isn’t, and don’t try to tell me otherwise.

Honestly, around all of the driving test and commuting stress, as well as the assignments that piled up in my first term back at Uni, I’ve had absolutely zero drive to sit and write something for this blog. Shit happened, and I let it overwhelm me.

Again, not an excuse. Sometimes powering though really helps me to get stuff done; it helps me feel enthusiastic about what I’m doing if I put some oomph! behind my work. Other times, the projects that aren’t as what I would deem “necessary” (such as this blog and my attempts at writing The Novel™), get pushed to the back of the queue. Between my grades and becoming a published author, I think I’ll choose the degree, thanks.

So I’m late to start 2017 and my 2016 track record isn’t much better. There are a lot of things I wish I could have told you all- like how I can’t eat porridge without thinking of David Bowie, but I just couldn’t put it into words. I don’t even know why I bothered posting “‘Wearing the Costume’: JANK, Ouran, and Identity’” in the summer, because I hated it after I’d finished the thing. That whole post reminds me of how I had an idea that wouldn’t quite fully map out, and how I’ve forced myself to essentially just get it done. Because to me, even though that project started out as a really good idea, it became a chore in the end and one that I feel was half-arsed.

This post is really just another chore before I can introduce the shiny new prospects coming your way in 2017. As such, let me catch you up to speed as to how I was so late to 2017:

July 2016:

  • Katie passed away
  • MCM Comic Con was a thing I really didn’t understand or was prepared for at the time, but interested me enough to organise another trip
  • My family and I adopted the Devil in feline form. No really, we did…

August 2016:

  • Driving test cancellation heartbreak
  • Middle Earth Movie Marathon and thirty-eight hours without sleep
  • A writing project that was doomed from the start

September 2016:

  • No more teen birthdays for me
  • Driving test success

October 2016:

  • My #Majestic long hair was cut off in aid of the Little Princess Trust charity, who take hair donations and transform them into wigs for children who have lost their own hair to cancer treatment
  • The big commute and sleep deprivation begins! Fear me M6!
  • “Yuri!!! On Ice”

November 2016:

  • Assignments are everywhere

December 2016:

  • Microsoft OneNote is a thing and I love it
  • Tickets for MCM Comic Con 2017 are booked and the costume planned to within an inch of its then non-existent life
  • Ill for the majority of the Christmas holidays
  • Christmas

January 2017:

  • Oh no, the scales lie- surely they do!?
  • A little bit of crafting
  • So begins the Lent Term
  • Fingerprint technology on an S7 is real and I am so scared with how it can recognise me just from putting my thumb on a little button


While not overly flooded with things to do each month, the majority of them (such as my assignments and Christmas shopping for the family) were tedious, had short deadlines, or took freaking forever to accomplish.

I am going to try to be good and update regularly; as mentioned earlier I do have things in the works that I want to write about in detail- and I’m going to try and get those done.

What have you got to look forward to then, even though my start to 2017 is spectacularly belated? Well, I have a shiny new DSLR waiting to be used, an itch to craft things out of foam board, and a Hobbit costume to create. Either way, it’s going to be an interesting, if somewhat delayed year.



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