Kunai and all

Week seven of being a university student, and so far I haven’t snapped. Entirely. There are plenty of Magpies on campus, six of which have decided to settle near my accommodation. They’re cute to watch as they flutter about in their pairs, and I’ll look on as they settle in the bare tree outside my […]

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Vicissitude (n) a change of circumstance of fortune, typically one that is unpleasant That just about sums up the start of my University experience. Well, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom, just extremely strange. Friday the 25th September was an odd day; for me, it was the last day I’d spend fully in my […]

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It’s a kind of magic…

During the time I should have been writing my North & South post, and because I have a black-belt in procrastination, my friends and I had a Harry Potter movie marathon. Oh yes, eight films- in their entire nineteen hour glory; although we did wimp out and stretch it over two days. Watching them all […]

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North & South

Please keep in mind that I’ve been working on this post on and off for about three months now. Some sections of this will be headed under different dates, as circumstances have differed since I first began writing this in February. 24/02/2015: We’ve been having some really strange weather recently in the north of England; […]

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In which pyrotechnics ensue…

EDIT 10/3/15: I’ve only just checked back through and noticed the errors in this post. It’s a poor excuse, but I was in so much of a rush to get this posted I didn’t proofread thoroughly. (First posted 6/3/15) I’m terribly sorry to have not updated in such a while, however with the reveal of […]

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